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This Is the second Daveric Formula Vee buit by Eric and David Marsh sold to Dennis Tipping in the early 1970's, We believe that Eric raced it once at Calder Park prior to selling it to Dennis. We believe that Dennis raced it several times and changed the nose cone and color style several times, Dennis may have raced this Daveric MK11 stating it to be an Elfin.

If anyone can help with information on how to contact Dennis Tipping or history of what happened to this Daveric please feel free to contact me.


The following is an email received from Dennis Tipping filling in some facts and gaps on the Daveric MK11 after it was sold to him, at this point we would like to thank Dennis for contacting us with this information after such a long time, approx 35 years

We do have more information on the current wearabouts of the Daveric MK11 this will be documented after some more research, we would still like any information or photos that anyone may be able to provide.

Un edited email: from Dennis Tipping.

Daveric MK11


Hi David,

Well lots of years and adventures happened since my dive into Vee's. Still have my racing overalls would you believe, proudly wearing the Formula Vee badge.

Got old, got wise, but still look at these photos with a lot of affection. I started rallying Mini's to start with, then bought the bits of an old Mk vii Bolwell, after getting huge help from Bob Gill (Prahrans fastest Plumber) I finally raced it, but then Cams in their wisdom changed the class to include porsches etc.

So it was from racing against sprites and MG's to the big boys. Completely spoilt a whole era of racing just to placate a few well heeled porsches owners/drivers and sellers.

The Vee, when I got it, had its first race at Calder, not too long after I bought it. I know it was raced at Calder beforehand as a trial.

The nose was a bit of a "new thing" amongst the other vees. They all reminded me of cigar tubes! I joined the Formular Vee club of Vic then.

It was more a club than a bunch of win or die drivers, much to my liking. There were a couple of tearaway drivers then, Gary Dubois being one, and I think Dave Chapman.

I can remember turning up with my bog engine, and listening to people talking of sending their motors to some guy in SA for blue printing etc. Me, I hardly had enough money to buy the petrol in those days. It was great stopping at the shell garage, topping up, pumping up the tyres, then going racing.

I "put up" with the original nose for a while, and one race at the island, it started to flop around, and I thought thats it, time for a change. I didn't have to wait too long for a change as I drove in the finals of the Aus championships at the island and some clown from NSW lost it on the southern Loop and totalled me.

It ran under the shell colours for a while, then went to the black and silver, and at one time was blue and white.

It had a grand total of three engines in my time. So hence the new style nose. I always raced it as the Daverick Vee, never wanted anything else, it would have been an insult to Daverick to do otherwise.


In those days I kept the car in an old furniture factory in Prahran, along with two dirties, (rally cars), one owned by Lance de Luca, Jon Davison kept his F 5000 with us for a while.

I raced the car in both guises, shovel nose and chisel nose. It ran at Sandown, PhillipIsland, CalderPark, and a few others.
I ended up selling the car to a young guy who worked at the Police Workshops. I gave him all the programs and any photos I had.

I never got to see him actually race it, so have no idea of who would have it now sadly. Now I am building up a Mini Clubman as a bit of fun, drive an old Datsun Pathfinder, and ride a metric cruiser.

Thats it.


Regards to the "daverics", such a lovely surprise to see the old girl again, now the only photos of her, I own too.





Daveric MKII Gallery

 BINGO!!!    After 36 years we have located the Daveric MK11, March 2010 with help from Ian Lee and alot of phone calls I took the trip from Melbourne to NSW made a time with the current owner and the pictures tell part of the story.

A sad site but a rewarding effort to see the old Daveric after so many years, I would love to beable to purchase it but the current owner is not ready to part with her yet, he plans to restore it to it's former glory. 

Finding this Daveric MK11 solves some other pieces to the huge Jig Saw puzzle we are trying to solve.

Eric Marsh had the second Malmark Elfin buit by Ian Hill and there are no records to our knollage to what happened to this Malmark, apart from the fact that we believe that the Malmark was written off at Phillip Island and all the runnig gear was put into the Daveric MK11 chassis as it was nearly ready for assembly to be run by my self  (David Marsh). 

Anyone that knew Eric and his Malmark Elfin would remember how perfect it was in every detail, it had more chrome on it than a show hot rod.

Now if you have a close look at the gearbox, front end plus engine cowlings under the bench you will notice that they are all chromed this lets us believe that they were the original Malmark Elfin parts.  

Another step closer. 

A Great Historic Find