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The Daveric MK1V was built for myself David Marsh, it was the second Daveric to have a removable aluminnium roll bar and also the new generation Elfin body.
This car originaly had trailing arms that went from the rear axle to a point just infront of the pedal assembly, it made the car very stable on fast corners.
The original colour was Black with gold leaf signage and number 45, colour change to White with Red cockpit border and number 46, later changed colour to Commdore Spin Drift Blue with yellow signage also number 46.
I last raced the car at Winton Raceway in 1986 after that I sold it and lost track of it untill Ian lee purchased it from Paul Hambelton in 2010.
I will add more information and photos as I collate it.
If any one can assist with photos or any infomation please feel free to contact us.

Daveric MK1V Gallery