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The Malmark Elfin was the first Formula Vee that Eric Marsh raced and was the second Malmark Elfin that Ian Hill built at his Clayton factory.

Some of the photo's have been taken from 8mm movie film and are the only pictures that we have from this era, you will notice the first photo is of a VW Kombi Van, this was the start of Eric's Formula Vee passion. 

"The old Kombi" Dad bought it for five quid from his work Baker Boy Bakery thinking this is a great deal and the ideal thing to get his boy's started in racing cars. 

Eric and myself eagerly stripped it down and cleaned all the parts up ready to go racing, we joined the Formula Vee Association of Victoria and went to the first monthly meeting that was held at the old VW factory in Clayton, well what a wake up call we had, meeting Ian Hill & Bob Prentigast.

We told them that we had the Kombi running gear and we needed a chassi, they told us that the Kombi gear was no good and that Bob would be able to supply all the correct bits that was needed as he owned Imported Car Wreckers in Huntingdale, the next stage was the chassi well Ian Hill was the man he had just taken on the contract to build the Elfin Formula  Vee's,  named after his son's Malcholm & Mark you guessed it Malmark Elfin was created.

Eric and myself went to Ian's factory in Clayton each Saturday to see how progress was going and Eric would give Ian some more cash $$$$ towards the new chassi, twelve months later final payment made chassi ready for pick up and hopefully the photo's will tell the rest of the story.

If anyone has photo's or information please feel free to contact me.

Malmark Elfin Gallery